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Pro Client Development for ASP.NET Core MVC Developers

By Adam Freeman

Pro Client Development for ASP.NET Core MVC Developers Cover Image

Pro ASP.NET MVC Client Development shows how to extend the benefits of the MVC pattern into your client-side coding where it can provide the same advantages of simplicity and code clarity that you've become used to on the server.

Full Description

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-6190-2
  • User Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Publishing March 22, 2017

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Full Description

Mastering client development is essential to truly mastering the MVC Framework. The benefits of using the MVC pattern on the server-side are now well understood and have become hugely popular. However to fully reap the advantages of MVC you must also understand what is happening on the client-side.

Modern client browsers are extremely feature rich and capable of doing a great deal of processing and communication work for your application. If used correctly, they will streamline your data and application workflows, making your code appear both faster and more responsive to your users. By using client-side processing you reduce the load on your servers and save both bandwidth and CPU costs.

In this book best-selling .NET author, Adam Freeman, shows you how to craft the HTML, JavaScript and CSS elements of your application to make the client-side of your MVC applications as slick and responsive as the server-side code they compliment. You’ll learn how to use JavaScript to maintain your application’s user experience independently of the server, how SignalR can provide real-time updates and how the Azure Cloud provides push-notifications to any client device. Put together these techniques will speed your development times, create a rich and responsive interface and seamlessly integrate your client-side code with the MVC pattern you're employing on the server.

Starting with the nuts-and-bolts you'll be shown everything you need to know from first-principals through to advanced features. Pro ASP.NET MVC Client Development goes in-depth to give you the knowledge you need. Each topic is covered clearly and concisely and is packed with the details you need to be truly effective.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the benefits that the MVC pattern can bring to your client-side development.
  • Build on your C# knowledge to use JavaScript effectively with ASP.NET MVC 4
  • Understand how to apply HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create rich user interfaces
  • Learn how to use the MVC Framework to provide data services to clients
  • Apply the MVC pattern and concepts to your client-side code for seamless integration
  • Learn how to tailor your MVC Framework application to mobile devices effectively

Who this book is for

This book is ideal for any experienced .NET developer who wants to learn more about how best to apply ASP.NET MVC.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I – Getting Started with Client-side MVC

1. Introduction to client-side development with MVC

2. Putting ASP.NET in Context

3. Essential C# Language Features

4. Essential Development Tools

5. MVC Essentials

6. HTML and CSS Essentials

7. Using jQuery

Part II – Using JavaScript

8. Putting JavaScript in Context

9. Functions, Types, Classes

10. JS language features

11. SolvingCommon Problems

Part III – ASP.NET Core Features for Client Development

12. PuttingClient Development Features in Context

13. ManagingScripts (Bundles, Minification and CDNs, Dependency Management)

14. PushNotification (Azure Notification Hub)

15. Real-TimeUpdates (SignalR)

16. WebSockets

17. FriendlyURLs and Browser Identification

Part IV – Client-Side Development Techniques

18. Client-sideView Models

19. Client-SideURL Routing

20. CreatingSingle-Page Applications

21. CreatingResponsive Web Applications

22. CreatingMobile Web Applications

23. Testing& Profiling Client-Side Applications


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