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Selected Topics in Micro/Nano-robotics for Biomedical Applications

By Yi Guo

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Selected Topics in  Micro/Nano-robotics for Biomedical Applications Cover Image

This book covers modern methodologies in autonomous mobile robots for programmable and controllable micro/nano-robots aiming at biomedical applications, offering instructional materials, lecture and laboratory units, case studies and a detailed design example.

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-4419-8410-4
  • 207 Pages
  • Publication Date: November 30, -0001
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF

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Full Description
Micro/Nano-robotics for Biomedical Applications features a system approach and incorporates modern methodologies in autonomous mobile robots for programmable and controllable micro/nano-robots aiming at biomedical applications. The book provides chapters of instructional materials in micro/nanorobotics for biomedical applications. The book features lecture units on micro/nanorobot components and techniques, including sensors, actuator, power supply, and micro/nano-fabrication and assembly. It also contains case studies on using micro/nano-robots in biomedical environments and in biomedicine, as well as a design example to conceptually develop a Vitamin-pill sized robot to enter human’s gastrointestinal tract. Laboratory modules to teach robot navigation and cooperation methods suitable to biomedical applications will be also provided based on existing simulation and robot platforms.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction.
  2. PZT Nano Active Fiber Composites Based Acoustic Emission Sensor.
  3. Biomedical Image Analysis on Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images and Videos.
  4. Nanotechnology Innovations for Low
  5. Temperature Fuel Cells for Micro Autonomous Systems.
  6. Vibration Energy Harvesting and Its Application for Nano and Microrobotics.
  7. Capsule Robot in Gastro
  8. Intestinal Tract: A Case Study for Robot Programming and Navigation.
  9. Cooperative Control Design of Nanorobots in Drug Delivery.
  10. Investigation of Protein
  11. Protein Interactions in Cancer Targeted Therapy Using Nanorobots.
  12. Cell Manipulation with Robot
  13. aided Optical Tweezer Technology.
  14. A Novel Robot
  15. assisted Catheter Surgery System with Force Feedback.

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