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Distributed User Interfaces

Designing Interfaces for the Distributed Ecosystem

By José A. Gallud , Ricardo Tesoriero , Victor M.R. Penichet

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This volume covers the fundamentals, leading advances, and original applications of distributed user interfaces (DUIs). Case studies illustrate the concepts discussed, and the book culminates with a review of interesting and novel applications that implement DUIs in different scenarios.

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-4471-2270-8
  • 206 Pages
  • User Level: Science
  • Publication Date: December 13, 2011
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF
Full Description
The recent advances in display technologies and mobile devices is having an important effect on the way users interact with all kinds of devices (computers, mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and so on). These are opening up new possibilities for interaction, including the distribution of the UI (User Interface) amongst different devices, and implies that the UI can be split and composed, moved, copied or cloned among devices running the same or different operating systems. These new ways of manipulating the UI are considered under the emerging topic of Distributed User Interfaces (DUIs). DUIs are concerned with the repartition of one of many elements from one or many user interfaces in order to support one or many users to carry out one or many tasks on one or many domains in one or many contexts of use – each context of use consisting of users, platforms, and environments. The 20 chapters in the book cover between them the state-of-the-art, the foundations, and original applications of DUIs. Case studies are also included, and the book culminates with a review of interesting and novel applications that implement DUIs in different scenarios.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Distributed User Interfaces: State of the Art.
  2. Distributed User Interfaces: Specification of Essential Properties.
  3. Distribution Primitives for Distributed User Interfaces.
  4. Extending MARIA to Support Distributed User Interfaces.
  5. Developing a DUI based operator control station. A case study of the Marve framework.
  6. Approach for Enriching Distributed User Interfaces with Awareness.
  7. Improving  Ubiquitous  Environments through Collaborative Features.
  8. Activity
  9. based Computing – Metaphors and Technologies for Distributed  User Interfaces.
  10. Improving E
  11. Learning Using Distributed User Interfaces.
  12. ZOIL: A Design Paradigm and Software Framework for Post
  13. WIMP Distributed User Interfaces.
  14. Lessons Learned from the Design and Implementation of Distributed Post
  15. WIMP User Interfaces.
  16. Investigating the Design Space for Multi
  17. Display Environments.
  18. Distributed User Interfaces for Projector Phones.
  19. Drag & Share: A shared workspace for synchronous information.
  20. Distributed Interactive Surfaces: A step towards the distribution of tangible and virtual objects.
  21. Multi
  22. touch Collaborative DUI to create Mobile Services.
  23. Co
  24. Interacting table: A new facility based on distributed user interfaces to improve Collaborative Meetings.
  25. Exploring Distributed User Interfaces in Ambient Intelligent Environments.
  26. Visually Augmented Interfaces for Co
  27. Located Mobile Collaboration.
  28. Supporting Distributed Decision Making Using Secure Distributed User Interfaces.

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