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  • Managing Risk and Information Security

    Managing Risk and Information Security Cover

    Malcolm Harkins

    This ApressOpen book describes the changing risk environment and why a fresh approach to information security is needed.The book discusses business risk from a broad perspective, including privacy and regulatory considerations. It describes the increasing number of threats and vulnerabilities, but also offers strategies for developing solutions.

  • Modern X86 Assembly Language Programming

    Modern X86 Assembly Language Programming Cover

    Modern X86 Assembly Language Programming shows the fundamentals of x86 assembly language programming. It focuses on the aspects of the x86 instruction set that are most relevant to application software development. The book's structure and sample code are designed to help the reader quickly understand x86 assembly language programming and the computational capabilities of the x86 platform.
  • Rethinking the Internet of Things

    Rethinking the Internet of Things Cover

    Francis daCosta

    In the coming decade, billions of simple devices must be connected to the emerging Internet of Things. Today’s networking protocols are too expensive and inefficient for this task. This book describes a simpler and scalable architecture that will be used to create “big data” from billions of “small data” points in the Internet of Things.

  • Sensor Technologies

    Sensor Technologies Cover

    Michael J. McGrath

    Sensor Technologies: Healthcare, Wellness and Environmental Applications explores the key aspects of sensor technologies, covering wired, wireless, and discrete sensors for the specific application domains of healthcare, wellness, and environmental sensing. It discusses the social, regulatory, and design considerations specific to these domains.
  • The InfoSec Handbook

    The InfoSec Handbook Cover

    Umesh Rao, Umesha Nayak

    An easily accessible but detailed book making it easy for beginners to experienced engineers  to get the low down on the latest policies, practices, tools, and technologies available in the filed of information security.
  • The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto

    The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto Cover

    Michelle Finneran Dennedy, Jonathan Fox, Thomas Finneran

    The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto: Getting from Policy to Code to QA to Value is the first book of its kind, detailing industry-proven solutions that go beyond mere theory on how to build privacy into products, processes, applications, and systems.  The book offers lucid perspectives on the challenges and opportunities raised with the emerging “personal” information economy and how organizations can rise up to meet the organizational, asset management-related and innovation-related challenges ahead. Foreword by Dr. Eric Bonabeau, PhD, Chairman, Icosystem, Inc. & Dean of Computational Sciences, Minerva Schools at KGI.

  • TouchDevelop 3rd Edition

    TouchDevelop Cover

    R. Nigel Horspool, Nikolai Tillmann

    With all the people in the world who have only access to a smartphone but not a PC or a keyboard, creating a programming environment for developing in that environment became a reality with TouchDevelop from Microsoft Research. This book is meant to be a handy reference to this unique programming environment.
  • TPM 2.0

    TPM 2.0 Cover

    Will Arthur, David Challener

    TPM 2.0: Using the Trusted Platform Module in the New Age of Security is a straight-forward primer for developers. It shows security and TPM concepts, demonstrating their usage in real applications that the reader can build themselves. It includes access to a live execution environment and real code examples.

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Books 13-23 of 23

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