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CIOs at Work

By Ed Yourdon

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In CIOs at Work, noted author Ed Yourdon interviews many of the world's most influential chief information officers, extracting their valuable insights into managing the people and technologies that shape the future of business.

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-3554-5
  • 380 Pages
  • User Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Publication Date: September 12, 2011
  • Available eBook Formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF

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Full Description

In CIOs at Work, noted author Ed Yourdon interviews many of the world's most influential chief information officers. You will gain insights from the first CIO of the USA, take a peek into the future with the CIO at Google, learn the unique role IT plays in testing Microsoft applications, and much more.

Yourdon focuses on how his interviewees tackle the day-to-day work of managing information in their organizations while revealing much more: How they got there, how they manage and allocate resources, and how they interact with business units and assure that their companies take advantage of technologies and automation to make employees even more productive. Surveying a variety of unique corporations, you'll get a great sense of what can be done and what is being done now in organizations around the world.

"Simply put, Ed Yourdon's CIOs at Work is a fascinating read. The author has managed to illuminate the real challenges confronting the Chief Information Officer. The technical expertise of his extraordinary interviewees and their personal insights into the changing role of technology in business are in no short supply. But, what really stands out— beyond the banter about "clouds," "agile development,"—is the human dimension. More than anything else, the CIO is wrestling with profound issues: the proliferation of choices, the speed of change, the shorter attention spans of consumers, the "everyone's an expert" mindset, and the growing expectation for limitless and low cost computing resources that are as open and accessible as they are safe, secure and accurate. At last, the CIO has a human face, but also an enormous burden that can only be appreciated by reading Yourdon's probative interviews." —Jon Toigo, Managing Principle, Toigo Partners International

Featured CIOs:

Ben Fried, Google

Tony Scott, Microsoft

Monte Ford, American Airlines

Mittu Sridhara, Ladbrokes

Steve Rubinow, NYSE

Lew Temares (retired), University of Miami

Mark Mooney, McGraw-Hill

Dan Wakeman, Educational Testing Services

Lynne Ellen, Detroit Energy

Becky Blalock, Southern Company

Ken Bohlen, Arizona Public Services

Roger Gurnani, Verizon

Ashish Gupta, British Telecom

Joan Miller, U.K. Parliament

Vivek Kundra, (first CIO), U.S. Government

Paul Strassmann, (retired), Kraft Foods

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What you’ll learn

  • How many chief information officers from the world's leading corporations do their jobs and the skills they consider most essential for doing their jobs effectively
  • What technologies these CIOs think will be most important in the future
  • Interesting applications of technology used to increase productivity or profitability in today's leading organizations
  • The technology and business-related challenges and opportunities that CIOs anticipate in the years ahead

Who this book is for

Anyone interested in how organizations are moving to use technology to make their companies more productive will learn a great deal from this book. CIOs at Work is especially useful to managers and IT personnel charged with increasing productivity and using automation to do so. Indeed, it's not just for aspiring CIOs, but also for project managers, management professionals, application developers, IT personnel and businesspeople who want to better understand the strategies their senior IT executives are following to make their organizations as productive and competitive as possible.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Ben Fried, Google
  2. Tony Scott, Microsoft
  3. Monte Ford, American Airlines
  4. Mittu Sridhara, Ladbrokes
  5. Steve Rubinow, NYSE
  6. Lew Temares (retired), University of Miami
  7. Mark Mooney, McGraw-Hill
  8. Dan Wakeman, Educational Testing Services
  9. Lynne Ellen, Detroit Energy
  10. Becky Blalock, Southern Company
  11. Ken Bohlen, Arizona Public Services
  12. Roger Gurnani, Verizon
  13. Ashish Gupta, British Telecom
  14. Joan Miller, U.K. Parliament
  15. Vivek Kundra (first CIO), U.S. Government
  16. Paul Strassmann (retired), Kraft Foods

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