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John Paxton

John Paxton is a programmer, trainer, author and presenter who lives in his native New Jersey. Studying history at Johns Hopkins University, he discovered that he spent more time in the computer lab than at the document archives. Since then, his career has oscillated between programming and training, working with many of the various languages used in web development over the last 15 years. He now concentrates on JavaScript and Java, with the occasional nostalgic visits to Perl and XML. When not exploring a new JavaScript library, writing workbooks or hacking code, he enjoys drinking beer, watching movies, reading books, and traveling the world. Ruminations, fulminations, and recitations of peregrinations can be found in short form on Twitter (@paxtonjohn) and long form at speedingplanet.com.

John Paxton's Books

Pro JavaScript Techniques

Pro JavaScript Techniques

  • Publication Date: July 11, 2015
  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-6391-3
  • Price: $27.99

Pro JavaScript Techniques is the ultimate JavaScript book for today's web developer. It provides everything you need to know about modern JavaScript, and teaches you what JavaScript can do for your web sites. Learn More …