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Stephan Alber

Stephan Alber was born and raised in South-West Germany. He started building his first websites in the mid 90s, using Mosaic and Netscape Navigator. At the time the internet usage in Germany was probably less than a percent.

His early passion led to a career in development and design of web applications. After founding and running a social network for over 7 years – and at the same time getting a Bachelor of Science in Online Media at Furtwangen University – he started working for a variety of advertising agencies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, including clients like Mercedes-Benz, Hugo Boss, L'Oréal Paris and Maybelline New York. His side activity as author for technical topics at allfacebook.de (Mediabistro) induced him to hosting workshops about Facebook Application Development, as well as being active as a conference speaker or taking part as panelist about social media and technology in German TV shows.

Eventually it was just a matter of time that he would end up in the USA, the "home" of the internet. After being approved for the Specialist Program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in 2012 he made his first working and educational experience in the United States as trainer for Facebook Application Development. Today he is leading the department "Creative Technology" for Noise Marketing (New York City), simultaneously he is filling the roles of a product manager and software developer for web and mobile app products. Past to present he worked with fortune 500 clients (e.g. Intel, Unilever, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co).

Stephan Alber's Books

Beginning App Development with Parse and PhoneGap

Beginning App Development with Parse and PhoneGap

  • Publication Date: July 11, 2015
  • ISBN13: 978-1-484202-36-4
  • Price: $31.99

Beginning App Development with Parse and PhoneGap teaches you how to start app development with Parse and PhoneGap: free and open source software. Using the building block languages of the web--HTML, JavaScript, and CSS--you’ll be on your way to creating a fully working product with minimal effort as fast as possible. With over 25 years' of combined experience, the authors make daunting tasks seem trivial. There is no book on the market that can take you from designer to developer faster. Learn More …