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Basarat Syed

Basarat Ali Syed is a senior developer and the go-to guy for frontend at PicnicSoftware (http://picnicsoftware.com/) in Melbourne, Australia. He studied Master of Computing at Australian National University and graduated with high distinction in all courses. He is a familiar face at developer meetups and conferences in Australia and has been a speaker at events like Alt.NET, DDDMelbourne, MelbJS, and Melbourne Node.js, amongst others. He is deeply passionate about web technologies and strongly believes that whenever given a choice, one should always bet on JavaScript. He is a respected member of the TypeScript community and works on the DefinitelyTyped team (https://github.com/DefinitelyTyped). He believes Node.js can do for the back-end what Chrome did for the front-end. In his spare time he enjoys bodybuilding, cycling and maintains a YouTube channel for helping fellow developers (http://youtube.com/basaratali). You can easily find him on twitter/basarat and github/basarat.

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