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SQL Server Integration Services Design Patterns

2nd Edition

By Andy Leonard , Matt Masson , Tim Mitchell , Jessica Moss , Michelle Ufford

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SQL Server Integration Services Design Patterns is revised to cover SQL Server 2014, and helps solve common problems encountered when developing data integration solutions with SQL Server Integration Services.

Full Description

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-484200-83-4
  • 464 Pages
  • User Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Publication Date: December 24, 2014
  • Available eBook Formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF

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Full Description

SQL Server Integration Services Design Patterns is newly-revised for SQL Server 2014, and is a book of recipes for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Design patterns in the book help to solve common problems encountered when developing data integration solutions. The patterns and solution examples in the book increase your efficiency as an SSIS developer, because you do not have to design and code from scratch with each new problem you face. The book's team of expert authors take you through numerous design patterns that you'll soon be using every day, providing the thought process and technical details needed to support their solutions.

SQL Server Integration Services Design Patterns goes beyond the surface of the immediate problems to be solved, delving into why particular problems should be solved in certain ways. You'll learn more about SSIS as a result, and you'll learn by practical example. Where appropriate, the book provides examples of alternative patterns and discusses when and where they should be used. Highlights of the book include sections on ETL Instrumentation, SSIS Frameworks, Business Intelligence Markup Language, and Dependency Services.

  • Takes you through solutions to common data integration challenges
  • Provides examples involving Business Intelligence Markup Language
  • Teaches SSIS using practical examples

What you’ll learn

  • Load data from flat file formats
  • Explore patterns for executing SSIS packages
  • Discover a pattern for loading XML data
  • Migrate SSIS packages through your application lifecycle without editing connections
  • Take advantage of SSIS 2012 Dependency Services
  • Build an SSIS Framework to support your application needs
  • Apply BIML to make your work go easier and faster

Who this book is for

SQL Server Integration Services Design Patterns is for the data integration developer who is ready to take their SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) skills to a more efficient level. It’s for the developer interested in locating a previously-tested solution quickly. SQL Server Integration Services Design Patterns is a great book for ETL (extract, transform, and load) specialists and those seeking practical uses for new features in SQL Server 2012 and 2014 Integration Services. It’s an excellent choice for business intelligence and data warehouse developers.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Metadata Collection Patterns

2. Execution Patterns

3. Scripting Patterns

4. SQL Server Source Patterns

5. Data Cleansing

6. DB2 Source Patterns

7. Flat File Source Patterns

8. Loading a PDW Region in APS

9. XML Patterns

10. Expression Language Patterns

11. Data Warehouse Patterns

12. Loading Parallel Data Warehouse

13. Slowly Changing Dimensions

14. Loading the Cloud

15. Logging and Reporting Patterns

16. Parent-Child Patterns

17. Configuration

18. Deployment

19. Estimating ETL Projects

20. Business Intelligence Markup Language

21. BIML and SSIS Frameworks

22. Appendix A. Evolution of an SSIS Framework


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