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Transportation Management with SAP TM 9

A Hands-on Guide to Configuring, Implementing, and Optimizing SAP TM

By Jayant Daithankar , Tejkumar Pandit

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SAP TM, an evolving TMS platform for managing and optimizing transportation operation of shippers and logistics services platform is gaining significant traction in the market. This book serves as a guide to decision makers, pre-sales teams and implementation/roll-out teams to help realize the critical benefits of the SAP TM 9.

Full Description

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-6025-7
  • 328 Pages
  • User Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Publication Date: August 2, 2014
  • Available eBook Formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF

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Full Description

The implementation of a TMS solution is a highly complex and mission critical project. If executed correctly a good TMS can deliver a number of benefits to the organization in terms of optimization, greater efficiency, reduced errors and improved revenue through accurate invoicing. However a number of projects fail to realize these benefits for a host of reasons such as an incorrect product selection, over customization of the system and lack of detailed processes. The evaluation and selection of the right transportation management system is a very critical step in the successful implementation of a TMS product as well as ensuring that the organization is able to realize the benefits expected from the system.

Transportation Management with SAP TM 9 is a guide for CIO/CXOs evaluating options for various transportation management solutions available in the market and helps inappropriate decision making before committing investment. A proven evaluation framework and guidance provided in the book can help decision makers with product selection and help to create a business case for management approval and design a future roadmap for the organization. The book provides a comprehensive understanding of what SAP transportation management is and is useful for teams involved in TM Implementation and roll outs to ensure preparedness. The book explains end-to-end freight life cycle processes, functional system landscape, implementation challenges and post go-live precautions required to optimize investments in SAP TM.

Transportation Management with SAP TM 9 also acts as a step by step implementation guide with details of configuration required to set up a TM9 system. This book also covers the upgrade of SAP TM8 to SAP TM9 which will be useful for existing clients who are on TM 8. Nonavailability of SAP TM skilled resources is a major challenge faced by organizations and the book provides a detailed competency building plan along with skill set requirements to create a competent and trained workforce to manage-transformation.The current book available in the market on SAP TM is based on Version 6 release which does not cover air freight processes. Our book covers end-to-end air freight configuration scenarios for logistic companies.

What you’ll learn

  • Step-by-step configuration and implementation guidance for SAP TM v9
  • An understanding of the transportation management solutions landscape
  • Guidance on TMS product selection
  • Industry best practices for SAP TM implementation
  • Processes supported by SAP TM

Who this book is for

  • CIOs / CXOs / decision makers of organization purchasing SAP TM solution
  • Business users
  • SAP TM pre-sales team
  • SAP TM implementation /roll-out /AMS consultants

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Overview of Transportation Industry: Evolution of Industry, Trends, Leaders
  2. Need for TMS: Challenges, IT Landscape
  3. TMS Product Landscape: Vendors, Product Overview, Plans, Comparison
  4. SAP TMS – Overview, Architecture, Roadmap
  5. TMS Product Selection Framework
  6. Best Practices: Industry best practices for implementation/roll-out and maintenance of SAP TMS
  7. Team Composition and Skill Matrix required for TM engagement, How to built competency in TM
  8. Transformation Impact of SAP TMS Implementation
  9. New Dimension Products like HANA, Mobility, Analytics and its impact on TM
  10. Process Mapping: End to End Freight Life Cycle Scenarios with exceptions, deviations covered
  11. Appendix A: Step-by-step Guide for Configuring and Implementing SAP TM 9

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