SharePoint 2007 Development Recipes

A Problem-Solution Approach

By Mark Gerow

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SharePoint 2007 Development Recipes, Mark Gerow's hands-on guide to solving common SharePoint 2007 programming dilemmas, is filled with ready-to-use code recipes categorized by problem area. This invaluable reference also includes clear, supporting guidelines to help you modify the code samples for the broadest range of applications.

Full Description

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-0961-4
  • 512 Pages
  • User Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Publication Date: July 24, 2008
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF

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Full Description

SharePoint 2007 Development Recipes offers a range of ready–to–use code recipes that provide the building blocks for solving many common SharePoint 2007 programming dilemmas. This practical, hands–on guide categorizes recipes by problem area, for example site management, event handlers, users, lists, and web parts, and source code is provided in both VB and C#. As well as providing an invaluable reference, Mark Gerow also includes clear, supporting guidelines to help you modify the code samples for the broadest range of applications.

For each recipe you will find

  • Background and design considerations
  • Source code in both VB and C#
  • Discussion of variations on the provided examples
  • Cross–reference to core SharePoint classes

If you find yourself asking, "How do I solve this SharePoint development problem?" you will find all the answers in Mark Gerow’s supremely useful book.

What you’ll learn

SharePoint Recipes will provide ready–to–use examples of how to programmatically

  • Add web parts to pages.
  • Calculate exact storage used for a list, site, or group of sites.
  • Track and record site, page, and link hits.
  • Manage users, roles, and groups using both Windows and Forms–based authentication.
  • Create sites and site collections.
  • Create lists and a document library.
  • Upload and edit documents and list items.
  • Develop event handlers and workflows.
  • Use JavaScript to alter the behavior of web part pages.
  • Edit built–in web site properties.
  • Work with features and solutions.
  • And much more…

Who this book is for

This book is for intermediate–to–advanced .NET programmers who want to get the most out of SharePoint 2007 by using the classes and web services provided in the SDK. It can be used both as a tutorial for those new to SharePoint programming and as a reference by those more experience developers who just need working examples that can be modified to suit a job at hand.

Source Code/Downloads

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