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Pro Python Data Analytics is designed to help you tackle the world of data acquisition and analysis using the power of the Python language.

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-6842-0
  • 425 Pages
  • User Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Publishing December 22, 2014, but available now as part of the Alpha Program
  • Available eBook Formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF
  • Print Book Price: $49.99
  • eBook Price: $34.99

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Full Description

Pro Python Data Analytics is designed to help you tackle the world of data acquisition and analysis using the power of the Python language.

Author Greg Walters expertly shows the strength of the Python programming language when applied to processing, management and retrieving information. Inside, you will see how intuitive and flexible it is to discover and communicate meaningful patterns of data using Python scripts, reporting systems, and data export. You will use Python and other open source tools to wrangle data and tease out interesting and important trends in that data that will allow you to predict future patterns. Whether you are dealing with sales data, investment data (stocks, bonds, etc.), medical data, web page usage, or any other type of data set, Python can be used to interpret, analyze, and glean information from a pile of numbers and statistics.

This book attempts to take a look at how to go about obtaining, processing, storing, managing and analyzing data using the Python programming language.

• Provides examples of storing and accessing data in a database.

• Walks the reader through the process of report generation.

• Provides real world examples.

What you’ll learn

  • Concepts of dealing with raw data
  • Dealing with XML data
  • Joining database tables for efficient data sets
  • Reporting data
  • Graphing data
  • Writing support tools for understanding diverse data

Who this book is for

Pro Python Data Analytics is for the mid to experienced level programmer who already knows the basics of Python programming. It is for programmers who want to know how to use databases and reporting tools to manipulate raw data into coherent information.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Part 1 - Overview

2. Python Database Concepts

3. Obtaining Data

Part 2 - Scenario: The Lab

4. Lab Tech Staffing - Data

5. Observing Data Patterns

6. Making Staffing Predictions

Part 3 - Scenario: The Grocery Store

7. Database Structures - Sales and UPCs

8. Creating Queries

9. Getting Quick Reports

10. Time of Day Sales Breakdown

11. Customer Trends

Part 4 - Scenario: Medical Data

12. Obtaining Data from Outside Sources

13. Creating and Building the Database

14. Analyzing the Data

Part 5 - Reporting

15. Roll Your Own Report Generator

16. The NextReports Reporting System


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