Apress today announced the introduction of "Apress Business," a new line of business books designed to meet the detailed information requirements of today’s business professionals. The announcement came at the BookExpo America (BEA) 2011 Conference in New York City. Titles cover technical areas of the business sector and topics including IT, management, finance, regulation, technical analysis, trends, project management, and current events that affect business people. "Apress Business" includes three distinct subseries: “At Work,” “firstPress,” and “CA Press.”

“We have seen the need for detailed, timely information, especially in more technical areas like regulation, IT management, and investing, is not being addressed effectively in the trade business book market. The speed, quality, and diversity of our print and electronic publishing process allows us to capitalize on hot topics and trends to bring books to market significantly faster than traditional business publishers,” says Jeffrey Pepper, Director of Business Development for Apress. “The success of our bestsellers "Founders at Work," "Coders at Work," "Managing Humans," "Smart and Getting Things Done," and other business titles revealed a market that we can take beyond our core audience of tech-savvy IT people.”

“Apress has grown rapidly, becoming one of the leading publishers in the IT and technology markets where quality and speed are essential,” says Paul Manning, President of Apress. “We plan to grow this list quickly with over 20 titles this year, taking advantage of the extraordinary success of our “At Work” titles and our publishing speed to meet the needs of the public for current in-depth, unbiased information that will help them make well-considered business decisions.”

The highly anticipated title "CIOs at Work" by bestselling author Edward Yourdon spearheads the "Apress Business" line launch. "CIOs at Work," which shows how the chief information officers at Fortune 500 companies go about their daily work, debuts next month along with "Going Corporate: A Geek’s Guide," "Health Care Reform Simplified," and CA Press books "Eliminating Us and Them,” and "Agile Marketing." Apress will have every title available for sale through all retail channels.

About "Apress Business"
"Apress Business" books cover a wide variety of technical areas in the business arena. Topics of "Apress Business" books range across IT, management, finance, regulation, trends, investing, current events, legal issues, metrics, technical analysis, and project management. "Apress Business" covers three distinct subseries: “At Work,” “firstPress,” and “CA Press.” The At Work series offers a collection of enlightening interviews with prominent and influential leaders in specific and somewhat enigmatic job categories. Each At Work book delivers an engaging and revealing peek inside the inner-workings of the jobs of leaders in areas like venture capital, gaming, computer coding, or advertising. The firstPress series—short and hard-hitting books on a diverse range of “must know” topics—covers such things as health care reform, the deficit, and investing in emerging markets. firstPress books offer timely, brief, unbiased looks at today’s complex business topics. The CA Press series is a strategic collaboration between the Fortune 500 company CA Technologies, Inc., and Apress to bring business and IT thought leadership books to market. CA Press provides books on numerous areas of business and technical topics for IT professionals, managers, and students.


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