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New open access book from Apress and Intel is a comprehensive, up-to-date survey of the field of information security. As the public continues to deal with endless reports of security breaches around the globe, the IT community battles to stay ahead of the hackers. The field of information security is vast and rapidly changing to keep up with technological advancement. Engineers at every skill level are in need of a comprehensive and practical guide to keep abreast of this field Read More
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A new ApressOpen book sheds light on the hardware-embedded security mechanisms behind most Intel devices. The age of constant cybersecurity breaches and online fraud has caused hardware and software providers to increasingly focus on ways to build security into the foundations of their products. The superior robustness of hardware-embedded solutions is leading more companies to adopt these technologies rather than protections rooted in software. Intel Corporation’s achievements in Read More
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ApressOpen to Offer Free and Full Access to Professional-Level Content Apress, a leading publisher of technology books, announces the launch of ApressOpen, a program that offers technology companies and professionals the opportunity to publish technical and business content under an open access model. With ApressOpen, content will be freely available through multiple Read More
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