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  • Windows 8 XAML Primer

    Windows 8 XAML Primer Cover

    Jesse Liberty

    Windows 8 XAML Primer is a fast-paced 100 page introduction for Windows 8 developers who want to get their XAML skills into shape ready for Windows 8 development. If you're a C# developer this book offers you practical, hands-on training of Windows 8 XAML development from the first page!
  • Web Standards

    Web Standards Cover

    Leslie Sikos

    Web Standards: Mastering HTML5, CSS3, and XML is a comprehensive guide to current and future standards for the World Wide Web. It reveals techniques to obtain standards compliance in development and redesign through step-by-step guides, along with the most common web standards problems and their solutions.
  • The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto

    The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto Cover

    Michelle Finneran Dennedy, Jonathan Fox, Thomas Finneran

    The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto: Getting from Policy to Code to QA to Value is the first book of its kind, detailing industry-proven solutions that go beyond mere theory on how to build privacy into products, processes, applications, and systems.  The book offers lucid perspectives on the challenges and opportunities raised with the emerging “personal” information economy and how organizations can rise up to meet the organizational, asset management-related and innovation-related challenges ahead. Foreword by Dr. Eric Bonabeau, PhD, Chairman, Icosystem, Inc. & Dean of Computational Sciences, Minerva Schools at KGI.

  • Pro HTML5 Performance

    Pro HTML5 Performance Cover

    Jay Bryant, Mike Jones

    Pro HTML5 Performance provides a practical guide to building extremely fast, light-weight and scalable websites using fully standards compliant techniques. It strikes a balance between imparting best-practice information for when you’re building ground up and instantly applicable techniques to help you solve issues with your existing projects.
  • Node.js Recipes

    Node.js Recipes Cover

    Cory Gackenheimer

    Node.js Recipes is your one-stop reference for solving Node.js problems. Filled with useful recipes that follow a problem/solution format, you can look up recipes for many situations that you may come across in your day-to-day server-side development. 
  • JavaScript Quick Syntax Reference

    JavaScript Quick Syntax Reference Cover

    Mikael Olsson

    The JavaScript Quick Syntax Reference is a condensed syntax reference to the JavaScript language.  It presents the essentials of JavaScript in a well organized format that can be used as a handy reference.  This includes the latest ECMAScript 5, JSON and DOM specifications and implementations.

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11 Book(s)

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