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Economics for Environmental Studies

A Strategic Guide to Micro- and Macroeconomics

By Alfred Endres , Volker Radke

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Written in an accessible style without sacrificing depth of analysis, this book examines central issues in the public debate on environmental problems and policy, from the perspective of economics. Provides a concise introduction to micro- and macroeconomics.

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  • ISBN13: 978-3-6423-1192-5
  • 195 Pages
  • Publication Date: August 29, 2012
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF
Full Description
An understanding of fundamental economic concepts is essential for students in environmental studies programs around the world. The present textbook addresses their needs, providing a concise introduction to micro- and macroeconomics and demonstrating how these economic tools and approaches can be used to analyze environmental issues. Written in an accessible style without compromising depth of the analysis, central issues in the public policy debate on environmental problems and environmental policy are discussed and analyzed from an economics perspective. The book is meant both as an introductory text for undergraduate students in environmental sciences without a background in economics, and as a companion for economists interested in a presentation of the micro and macro foundations of environmental  economics, in a nutshell.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. 1 Introduction.
  2. Part I: Economics
  3. What Is It About and How Does It Relate to the Natural Environment?
  4. 2 The Fundamental Problem.
  5. 3 The Economic Approach.
  6. 4 Integration of the Natural Environment: Socially Undesirable Utilization of Natural Goods.
  7. 5 Summary to Part I and Looking Ahead.
  8.  Part II: Microeconomics and the Natural Environment.
  9. 6 Fundamental Concepts of Microeconomics.
  10. 7 A Sketch on Environmental Microeconomics.
  11. 8 Summary to Part II and Looking Ahead.
  12. Part III: Macroeconomics and the Natural Environment.
  13. 9 Fundamental Concepts of Macroeconomics.
  14. 10 A Sketch on Environmental Macroeconomics.
  15. 11 Summary to Part III.
  16. Glossary.
  17. Index.

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