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Belief Revision in Non-Classical Logics

By Márcio Moretto Ribeiro

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Belief Revision in Non-Classical Logics Cover Image

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-4471-4185-3
  • 131 Pages
  • User Level: Science
  • Publication Date: August 21, 2012
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF

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Full Description
Since the advent of the Semantic Web, interest in the dynamics of ontologies (ontology evolution) has grown significantly. Belief revision presents a good theoretical framework for dealing with this problem; however, classical belief revision is not well suited for logics such as Description Logics.Belief Revision in Non-Classical Logics presents a framework which can be applied to a wide class of logics that include – besides most Description Logics such as the ones behind OWL – Horn Logic and Intuitionistic logic, amongst others. The author also presents algorithms for the most important constructions in belief bases. Researchers and practitioners in theoretical computing will find this an invaluable resource.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Preface.
  2. Introduction.
  3. Consequence.
  4. Logics.
  5. Classical Belief Revision.
  6. AGM Contraction in Non
  7. Classical Logics.
  8. AGM Revision in Logics without Negation.
  9. Base Revision in Logics without Negation.
  10. Algorithms for Belief Bases.
  11. Conclusion.
  12. Index.

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