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Fuzzy-Neuro Approach to Agent Applications

From the AI Perspective to Modern Ontology

By Raymond S.T. Lee

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  • ISBN13: 978-3-5402-1203-4
  • 394 Pages
  • User Level: Science
  • Publication Date: March 28, 2006
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF
Full Description
The book provides a full explanation of the concepts and theories of intelligent agents and agent-based systems. Providing a comprehensive theoretical background, the author covers modern artificial intelligence topics such as ontologies, neural networks, chaos theory, fuzzy logics and genetic algorithms. Finally, the author details how the iJADK toolkit (intelligent Java agent development kit for intelligent e-business applications) can be used in the design and implementation phases of real applications. The book can be adopted as the main textbook for courses on intelligent agents, advanced topics in AI or contemporary AI technologies; application developers can use it as a complete technical guide and reference manual for the iJADK toolkit; and researchers can use it as a comprehensive reference book on modern AI techniques, and will benefit particularly from the book’s extensive literature survey.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Preface.
  2. Introduction.
  3. Part 1: Intelligent Agents
  4. Basic concepts; AI and the Emergence of Agent Technology; An Overview of Intelligent Agents and Agent
  5. based Systems; AI Techniques for Agent Construction.
  6. Part 2: Applications of Intelligent Agents Using iJADK; The Design and Implementation of Intelligent Agent
  7. based Systems Using iJADK; iJADE WShopper
  8. Intelligent Mobile Shopping Based on Fuzzy Wireless Shopping Agents; JADE Weather Man
  9. a Weather Forecasting Agent Using Fuzzy Neural Network Model; iJADE Stock Advisor
  10. An Agent
  11. based Stock Advisory System Using Hybrid RBF Recurrent Network; iJADE Surveillant
  12. A Multi
  13. resolution Neural
  14. oscillatory Agent
  15. based Surveillance System; iJADE Negotiator
  16. the Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Agent
  17. based Negotiation Agent on Internet Shopping.
  18. Part 3: Advanced Topics
  19. From Modern Ontology to Ontology Agents; Ontology
  20. The Reality Existence; Conceptualization Theory
  21. Applications of Modern Ontology over AI; Cogito IJADE and the Future of Agent Technology.
  22. Appendix: IJADK (Version 2.0) Java and API Specification.
  23. Bibliography.
  24. Index.

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    1. Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, and Norms in Agent Systems IX


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