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Variable-length Codes for Data Compression

By David Salomon

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Variable-length Codes for Data Compression Cover Image

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-8462-8958-3
  • 208 Pages
  • User Level: Science
  • Publication Date: September 5, 2007
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF
Full Description
Most data compression methods that are based on variable-length codes employ the Huffman or Golomb codes. However, there are a large number of less-known codes that have useful properties - such as those containing certain bit patterns, or which are robust - and these can be useful. This book brings this large set of codes to the attention of workers in the field and of students of computer science. David Salomon’s crystal clear style of writing and presentation, which has been familiar to readers for many years now allows easy access to the topic. Readers are only required to have a general familiarity with computer methods and essentially an understanding of the representation of data in bits and files. Computer scientists, electrical engineers and students majoring in computer science or electrical engineering will find this volume an invaluable resource, as will those readers in various physical sciences and mathematics.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. From the contents.
  2. Codes, Fixed
  3. and Variable
  4. Length.
  5. Prefix Codes.
  6. VLCs, Entropy, and Redundancy.
  7. Universal Codes.
  8. The Kraft
  9. MacMillan Inequality.
  10. Tunstall Code.
  11. Schalkwijk’s Coding.
  12. Tjalkens
  13. Willems V
  14. to
  15. B Coding.
  16. Phased
  17. In Codes.
  18. Redundancy Feedback (RF) Coding.
  19. Recursive Phased
  20. In codes.
  21. Self
  22. Delimiting Codes.
  23. Huffman Coding.
  24. VLCs for Integers.
  25. Start
  26. Step
  27. Stop Codes.
  28. Start/Stop Codes.
  29. Elias Codes.
  30. Levenstein Code.
  31. Even Rodeh Code.
  32. Punctured Elias Codes.
  33. Other Prefix Codes.
  34. Ternary Comma Code.
  35. Location Based Encoding (LBE).
  36. Stout Codes.
  37. Yamamoto’s Recursive Code.
  38. VLCs and Search Trees.
  39. Taboo Codes.
  40. Wang’s Flag Code.
  41. Yamamoto Flag Code.
  42. Number Bases.
  43. Fibonacci Code.
  44. Generalized Fibonacci Codes.
  45. Goldbach Codes.
  46. Additive Codes.
  47. Golomb Code.
  48. Rice Codes.
  49. Subexponential Code.
  50. Codes Ending with '1'.
  51. Codes for Error Control.
  52. The Free Distance.
  53. Synchronous Prefix Codes.
  54. Resynchronizing Huffman Codes.
  55. Bidirectional Codes.
  56. Symmetric Codes.
  57. VLEC Codes.
  58. Summary.

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