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  • Technology for Modelling

    Technology for Modelling Cover

    Charles Care

    This book investigates the technologies, the concepts, and the applications of analog computing. The book suggests a new interpretation of the history of analog computing, and argues that analog computing can be thought of as a modeling technology.
  • Robert Recorde

    Robert Recorde Cover

    Jack Williams

    The 16th-Century intellectual Robert Recorde is chiefly remembered for introducing the equals sign into algebra, yet the greater significance of his work is often overlooked. This book details the man, his achievements and his historical importance.
  • Computers in Swedish Society

    Computers in Swedish Society Cover

    Per Lundin

    This book describes and analyzes a project collecting the stories of some 700 people on how computing transformed Swedish society between 1950 and 1980; explores the interaction of computing with broad transformation in economies, cultures, and societies.
  • Beyond Deep Blue

    Beyond Deep Blue Cover

    Monty Newborn

    More than a decade has passed since IBM’s Deep Blue computer stunned the world by defeating world chess champion Garry Kasparov. This volume provides an updated story of the chess engine and its steady improvement.
  • A Brief History of Computing

    A Brief History of Computing Cover

    Gerard O'Regan

    This comprehensive book provides an introduction into the key topics in the history of computing in an easy-to-follow and concise manner. The book covers significant areas and events in the field from the beginnings of computation in 3000B.C. through to the present day.

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11 Book(s)

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