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Whole Body Interaction

By David England

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The concept of Whole Body Interaction explores the integration of input and output from human motion and physiology, cognitive models and emotional states. This book offers extended papers submitted to the ACM SIGCHI 2009 Workshop on Whole Body Interaction.

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  • ISBN13: 978-0-8572-9432-6
  • 228 Pages
  • User Level: Science
  • Publication Date: April 28, 2011
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF
Full Description
Whole Body Interaction is “The integrated capture and processing of human signals from physical, physiological, cognitive and emotional sources to generate feedback to those sources for interaction in a digital environment” (England 2009).Whole Body Interaction looks at the challenges of Whole Body Interaction from the perspectives of design, engineering and research methods. How do we take physical motion, cognition, physiology, emotion and social context to push boundaries of Human Computer Interaction to involve the complete set of human capabilities? Through the use of various applications the authors attempt to answer this question and set a research agenda for future work.Aimed at students and researchers who are looking for new project ideas or to extend their existing work with new dimensions of interaction.  
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Whole Body Interaction Overview.
  2. Springboard: Designing Image Schema Based Embodied Interaction for an Abstract Domain.
  3. Whole Body Interaction in Abstract Domains.
  4. Mirrored Motion: Augmenting Reality and Implementing Whole Body Gestural Control using Pervasive Body Motion Capture based on Wireless Sensors.
  5. Sharing and Stretching Space with Full Body Tracking.
  6. Waggling the Form Baton : Analyzing Body
  7. Movement
  8. Based Design Patterns in Nintendo Wii Games, Toward Innovation of New Possibilities for Social and Emotional Experience.
  9. Exploring bodily engaging artifacts among golfers, skaters and dancers.
  10. Whole Body Large Display Interfaces for Users and Designers.
  11. Observations on Experience and Flow in Movement
  12. Based Interaction.
  13. Capacitive Sensors for Whole Body Interaction.
  14. Towards a Whole Body Sensing Platform for Healthcare Applications.
  15. Feasibility of Using a Head
  16. Mounted Camera to Capture Dynamic Facial Expressions During Body Movement.
  17. Body Gestures for Office Desk Scenarios.
  18. Gesture Based Interfaces: Practical Applications of Gestures in Real World Mobile Settings.
  19. Estimation of Interest from Physical Actions Captured by Familiar User Device.
  20. Towards a Framework for Whole Body Interaction with Geospatial Data

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