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Rationale-Based Software Engineering

By Janet E. Burge , John M. Carroll , Raymond McCall , Ivan Mistrik

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  • ISBN13: 978-3-5407-7582-9
  • 356 Pages
  • User Level: Science
  • Publication Date: April 13, 2008
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF
Full Description
Many decisions are required throughout the software development process. These decisions, and to some extent the decision-making process itself, can best be documented as the rationale for the system, which will reveal not only what was done during development but the reasons behind the choices made and alternatives considered and rejected. This information becomes increasingly critical as software development becomes more distributed and encompasses the corporate knowledge both used and refined during the development process. The capture of rationale helps to ensure that decisions are well thought out and justified and the use of rationale can help avoid the mistakes of the past during both the development of the current system and when software products (architecture and design, as well as code) are reused in future systems. Burge, Carroll, McCall, and MistrĂ­k describe in detail the capture and use of design rationale in software engineering to improve the quality of software. Their book is the first comprehensive and unified treatment of rationale usage in software engineering. It provides a consistent conceptual framework and a unified terminology for comparing, contrasting and combining the myriad approaches to rationale in software engineering. It is both an excellent introductory text for those new to the field and a uniquely valuable reference for experienced rationale researchers. The book covers the use of rationale for decision making throughout the software lifecycle, starting from the first decisions in a project and continuing through requirements definition, design, implementation, testing, maintenance, redesign and reuse.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Part 1: Introduction.
  2. 1) What is rationale and why does it matter
  3. 2) What makes software different
  4. 3) Rationale and software engineering
  5. 4) Learning from rationale research in other fields
  6. 5) Decision
  7. making in software engineering.
  8. Part 2: Uses for rationale.
  9. 6) Presentation of rationale
  10. 7) Evaluation
  11. 8) Support for collaboration
  12. 9) Change analysis.
  13. Part 3: Rationale and software engineering.
  14. 10) Rationale and the software life
  15. cycle
  16. 11) Rationale and requirements engineering
  17. 12) Rationale and software design
  18. 13) Rationale and software verifcation, validation, and test
  19. 14) Rationale and software maintenance
  20. 15) Rationale and software reuse.
  21. Part 4: Frameworks for rationale
  22. based software engineering.
  23. 16) A conceptual framework
  24. 17) An architectural framework
  25. 18) Rationale
  26. based software engineering: summary and prospect.
  27. Bibliography, Glossary, Index.

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