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Active Knowledge Modeling of Enterprises

By Frank Lillehagen , John Krogstie

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Can Active Knowledge Modeling be used to transform industry? That’s what AKM’s inventors, in conjunction with scientists and industry experts, have been researching for years. They discovered that it could, and exactly how can be found in this fascinating book.

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  • ISBN13: 978-3-5407-9415-8
  • 456 Pages
  • User Level: Professionals
  • Publication Date: September 16, 2008
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Full Description
Enterprise Modeling has been defined as the art of externalizing enterprise knowledge, i.e., representing the core knowledge of the enterprise. Although useful in product design and systems development, for modeling and model-based approaches to have a more profound effect, a shift in modeling approaches and methodologies is necessary. Modeling should become as natural as drawing, sketching and scribbling, and should provide powerful services for capturing work-centric, work-supporting and generative knowledge, for preserving context and ensuring reuse. A solution is the application of Active Knowledge Modeling (AKM). The AKM technology is about discovering, externalizing, expressing, representing, sharing, exploring, configuring, activating, growing and managing enterprise knowledge. An AKM solution is about exploiting the Web as a knowledge engineering medium, and developing knowledge-model-based families of platforms, model-configured workplaces and services. This book was written by the inventors of AKM arising out of their cooperation with both scientists and industrial practitioners over a long period of time, and the authors give examples, directions, methods and services to enable new ways of working, exploiting the AKM approach to enable effective c-business, enterprise design and development, and lifecycle management. Industry managers and design engineers will become aware of the manifold possibilities of, and added values in, IT-supported distributed design processes, and researchers for collaborative design environments will find lots of stimulation and many examples for future developments.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. 1 What is Active Knowledge Modeling (AKM) Technology.
  2. 2 Customer Challenges and Demands.
  3. 3 Industrial Evolutions.
  4. 4 State of the Art of Enterprise Modeling.
  5. 5 Enterprise Knowledge Architecture (EKA).
  6. 6 Approaches to Enterprise Solutions.
  7. 7 Introducing Active Knowledge Modeling in Industry.
  8. 8 Families of Platforms and Architectures.
  9. 9 Enterprise Design and Development.
  10. 10 Realizing the Knowledge Economy.
  11. 11 Towards Enterprise Visual Scenes.
  12. 12 Scientific Foundations of AKM Technology.
  13. 13 Enterprise Knowledge Spaces.
  14. 14 Summary and Directions.

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