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The Sound of Silence

Lowest-Noise RIAA Phono-Amps: Designer's Guide

By Burkhard Vogel

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Updated and revised, this second edition focuses on amplifiers for analog signals. Readers will find approaches for affordable phono amplifier design, measurement set-ups and results, plus measurement signal-to-noise ratios for solid-state and valve designs.

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  • ISBN13: 978-3-6421-9773-4
  • 775 Pages
  • Publication Date: July 30, 2011
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF
Full Description
There is a wide field of tasks left that can only be satisfyingly attacked with the help of old-fashioned analogue technology, and one of the most important are amplifiers for analogue signals. The strongly expanded content of the second edition of 'the sound of silence' leads to affordable amplifier design approaches which will end up in lowest-noise solutions not far away from the edge of physical boundaries set by room temperature and given cartridges - thus, fully compatible with very expensive so called 'high-end' or 'state-of-the-art' offers on today markets - and, from a noise point of view in most cases outperforming them! With easy to follow mathematical treatment it is demonstrated as well that theory is not far away from reality. Measured SNs will be found within 1dB off the calculated ones and deviations from the exact amplifier transfer won't cross the ± 0.1dB tolerance lines. Additionally, the book presents measurement set-ups and results. Consequently, comparisons with measurement results of test magazine will soon become easier to perform. This new edition includes a new chapters about reference levels, Noise in Amp Input sections, Humming Problems, and much more.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Amps, Pre
  2. Amps, Pre
  3. Pre
  4. Amps.
  5. RIAA Transfer / Anti
  6. RIAA Transfer.
  7. Vinyl Record Reference Levels
  8. .Noise in Components and Other General Noise Effects.
  9. Noise in Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs).
  10. Noise in Field Effect Transistors (FETs).
  11. Noise in Valves (US: Tubes).
  12. Noise in Operational Amplifiers (Op
  13. Amps).
  14. Noise in Instrumentation Amplifiers (In
  15. Amps).
  16. Noise in Transformers (Trafos).
  17. Noise of Vinyl Records (VRs)
  18. On how much Phono
  19. Amp SN is Needed?.
  20. Noise Basics
  21. Mathcad Worksheets.
  22. Noise in MM cartridges.
  23. Noise in MM cartridges
  24. Mathcad Worksheets.
  25. Noise in MC Phono
  26. Amps.
  27. Noise in MC Phono
  28. Amps
  29. Mathcad Worksheets.
  30. Noise of Triode Driven Phono
  31. Amps.
  32. Noise of Triode Driven Phono
  33. Amps
  34. Mathcad Worksheets.
  35. RIAA Networks.
  36. RIAA Networks
  37. Mathcad Worksheets.
  38. Measurement System Overview.
  39. Measurement Amps, Noise Generators, FFT Noise Measurements.
  40. Measurement Filters and Networks.
  41. The Hum Figure of Linear Amps.
  42. The Hum Figure of Phono
  43. Amps.
  44. Mathcad Worksheet.
  45. .
  46. Overview.
  47. Modules 1
  48. 4.
  49. Engine PerformanceNoise in Components and Other General Noise Effects.
  50. Noise in Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs).
  51. Noise in Field Effect Transistors (FETs).
  52. Noise in Valves (US: Tubes).
  53. Noise in Operational Amplifiers (Op
  54. Amps).
  55. Noise in Instrumentation Amplifiers (In
  56. Amps).
  57. Noise in Transformers (Trafos).
  58. Noise of Vinyl Records (VRs)
  59. On how much Phono
  60. Amp SN is Needed?.
  61. Noise Basics
  62. Mathcad Worksheets.
  63. Noise in MM cartridges.
  64. Noise in MM cartridges
  65. Mathcad Worksheets.
  66. Noise in MC Phono
  67. Amps.
  68. Noise in MC Phono
  69. Amps
  70. Mathcad Worksheets.
  71. Noise of Triode Driven Phono
  72. Amps.
  73. Noise of Triode Driven Phono
  74. Amps
  75. Mathcad Worksheets.
  76. RIAA Networks.
  77. RIAA Networks
  78. Mathcad Worksheets.
  79. Measurement System Overview.
  80. Measurement Amps, Noise Generators, FFT Noise Measurements.
  81. Measurement Filters and Networks.
  82. The Hum Figure of Linear Amps.
  83. The Hum Figure of Phono
  84. Amps.
  85. Mathcad Worksheet.
  86. .
  87. Overview.
  88. Modules 1
  89. 4.
  90. Engine Performance

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