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Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 Databases

3rd Edition

By Sandeep Chanda , Damien Foggon

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Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 Databases introduces you to the world of building data-driven Web sites using ASP.NET, ADO.NET and the Entity Framework using C#.

Full Description

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-4380-9
  • 280 Pages
  • User Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Publication Date: March 26, 2013
  • Available eBook Formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF

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Full Description

Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 Databases introduces you to the world of building data-driven Web sites using ASP.NET, ADO.NET and the Entity Framework using C#. Since ASP.NET developers need to access databases quickly and efficiently, this book teaches the best practices and methods to help developers achieve professional ASP.NET and database solutions.

Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 Databases is a comprehensive introduction on how you can connect a Web site to many different data sources — not just databases — and use the data to create dynamic page content. It also shows you how to build a relational database, use SQL to communicate with it, and understand how they differ from each other.

With in-depth, on-target coverage of the new data access features of .NET Framework 4.5, this book is your guide to using ASP.NET to build responsive, easy-to-update data-driven Web sites.

What you’ll learn

  • Design for code-first, model-first and database-first data access paradigms
  • Use different data sources for building data-driven Web sites
  • Discover enhancements in SQL Server 2012 as a relational database
  • Understand concepts of non-relational databases and why you need them
  • Develop strategies for building Entity Data Models using Entity Framework 4.1
  • Begin to use the new data-access features in ASP.NET 4.5 like strongly typed controls, model binding and dynamic data

Who this book is for

Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 Databases is for the web developer who is beginning to get into the world of web development using ASP.NET, ADO.NET and C#. The book is an excellent choice for developers who are still using previous versions of the .NET Framework and who are looking to learn the new data access features in .NET Framework 4.5.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. ASP.NET 4.5 Data Sources
  2. The Future of Relational Databases
  3. Introducing Non-Relational Databases
  4. Data Access Services using ADO.NET
  5. Introducing Language-Integrated Query (LINQ)
  6. ADO.NET Entity Data Model and Entity SQL
  7. Designing Data Access Applications using Entity Framework
  8. Entity Framework Data Access Paradigms
  9. Consuming Data using WCF Data Services
  10. Data Binding in ASP.NET 4.5
  11. Building Extensible Data-Driven Web Applications Using Dynamic Data
  12. Techniques to Deal with Issues in Building Data-Driven Web Sites
  13. Application Lifecycle Management
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