Write for Us

Apress is looking for authors with both technical expertise and the ability to explain complicated concepts clearly. We want authors who are passionate, innovative, and original.

Apress doesn't work quite the same as more traditional computer book publishers do. (Learn more about the background of Apress and what makes us different.) For example, the first question many authors ask a potential publisher is “What are you looking for?” At Apress, we ask authors these questions instead: “What are you an expert on? What do you have real-world experience in? What are you passionate about?”

In summary, we're more interested in your ideas, expertise, and passions than we are in having you fill in some hole in our list. If you want to write about XML, that's possible, but we don't want you to write about XML just because we want you to, nor do we want you to write yet another XML book that's just like the dozens of "Learn XML" books that exist in various forms already.

Of course, the Apress editorial board will work with you to help ensure that your book is marketable and ultimately successful, but the first stage of that process has to be for us to hear about your ideas–not for you to hear about ours!

Contacting Apress

If you would like to contact Apress and get more information about writing, technical publishing in general, or existing publishing opportunities, we urge you to do so. Even if you have just a single question or a vague idea, we would be happy to respond to that, too. You may be surprised how a little brainstorming can really bring things together, and the vague idea can become the most interesting book.

Send your ideas by e-mail in plain text, Microsoft Word, or PDF to editorial@apress.com. Within a week or two at the most, the Apress Editorial Director who best shares your interests and experience will contact you.

Of course, the more detailed and articulate your inquiry is, the easier it will be for us to get back to you promptly with some intelligent comments—and eventually we will want a full proposal. A full proposal always includes the following:

  • Detailed contact information
  • A table of contents (three headings deep if possible)
  • Your biography/resume (this should indicate why you are the person to write this book)
  • Some information about why you think this would be an important book and why your book will be better than what the competition (if there is any) has to offer
  • A writing sample (preferably a sample chapter from the book)

We look forward to hearing from you!


The Apress Editorial Team

P.S. Apress also is unusual in that we make our contract and royalty rates public. We do this because we believe that our contract terms and royalty rates are second to none. This is our current contract template.

The Apress contract terms have evolved and will continue to evolve over time to better meet changing market conditions. All authors who sign with Apress at a given moment in time will receive this contract. Rather than spending money and time negotiating contracts, we would rather give the authors our best terms.

Note: For contributed works or other unusual circumstances, we may not use a royalty-based agreement, but for the overwhelming majority of our publications, we use our standard agreement.