Cyber Monday Sale - FAQ

All your questions about the 2018 Cyber Monday Sale answered. Contact customer service via customerservice@springernature.com if your question is not addressed here.

What is the 2018 Cyber Monday promotion?

  • Apress eBooks published before 11/19/18 are priced at $7 each from November 19th through November 26th, 2018.
  • Enter promo code CYBERWEEK18 at checkout to receive the discount.
  • Springer Computer Science eBooks and Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science are also available for $7.

How long does the promotion last?

  • The last day of the promotion is November 26th, 2018. 

What format will my book come in?

  • Your eBook will be made available as two options for you to download: an EPUB file, or a PDF file. 

What do I do if the code doesn't work? 

  • First check that the discount has not already been applied automatically via the link through which you entered the site. Your total for each eBook should be $7.
  • If your discount is not being applied and your code is not successful, please contact customer service via customerservice@springernature.com

Can I also get a discount on print copies?

  • No. The Cyberweek promotion is strictly for eBooks.

If I buy an eBook, can I get a discount on (or free copy of) its print version?

  • No. The eBook and print copies are priced and sold separately. 

I can't find my eBook.

  •  Your eBookshelf is located under your account information's. If you can't find your eBook there, please send your order confirmation or invoice to customerservice@springernature.com and our Customer Service Team will load the eBook to your eBookshelf. If you don't have the order confirmation or invoice, please send your order number, eISBN, date, your name and active email address to our Customer Service Team and they will retrieve your order.

I can’t download my eBook.

  • Each eBook is watermarked before being made available for download. Normally, this happens within a few seconds. If there is a delay, please be patient. eBooks may be delivered with a small lag. If an error message shows up, please send a screenshot of the error message, the order confirmation or invoice and your active email address to customerservice@springernature.com. They will help you obtain your eBook.

I'm having currency issues. 

My eBook file (PDF or ePub) is broken or is not downloading correctly.

Can I read my eBook on my Kindle device?

  • Yes. EPUB files and PDF files should work on any e-reader device.

Can I preorder forthcoming and not-yet-published eBooks?

  • No. The offer applies to eBooks published and available by November 19th.