Frequently Asked Questions

About Print Books

Where can I buy Apress Print Books?

You can buy our print books right here at Apress.com, which includes free shipping worldwide.

You will also find our print books at all good bookstores, both online and traditional ‘brick and mortar’ stores. If you’re a retailer wishing to stock our books, you’ll find details of our worldwide distribution network on our Print and eBook Bulk Sales page.

About eBooks

Where can I buy Apress eBooks?

You can buy our eBooks right here at Apress.com. eBooks are also available via Amazon’s Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Books store, and via subscription services such as Safari Books Online or Books 24x7.

What formats are Apress eBooks available in?

Most recent titles are available in .pdf and .epub formats. Not all titles are available in all formats, so please check on each title’s information page. It can take a couple of weeks after the official publication date for all formats to become available.

Do I have to buy each format separately?

No! Once you purchase an eBook, you’ll have perpetual access to all available formats.

Do Apress eBooks use any form of DRM (Digital Rights Management)?

No, our eBooks are just regular eBook file types, allowing you to use them freely and easily across whichever devices you own. Please note, however, that we do ‘digitally watermark’ all purchases made at Apress.com.

My PDF eBook is password protected. Why? And what’s the password?

Prior to July 2010, PDF eBooks were password protected. If you download your purchase again, the fresh file won’t require a password. If you wish to open the original download, the password will be the email address associated with your account.

When will your books be available on the Kindle, or the NOOK?

Books usually appear in third-party eBook stores a few weeks after publication. We rely on the stores themselves to convert our books for their devices, so we can’t control the exact date.

What is the "Daily Deal"?

The Daily Deal offers a different eBook for $9.99 every day of the year—that's 365 24-hour promotions! Check out today's Daily Deal and follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay informed about new deals.

(Note: the 24-hour period for each Deal of the Day is oriented to EST—midnight to 11:59:59 PM every day.)

How can I pay for purchases at Apress.com?

We accept payment with all major credit cards.

Once purchased, where can I download my eBook?

If you Sign In to your account, you’ll find a link to your Your eBooks in the left hand column.

Where can I get a receipt for purchases made at apress.com?

Once signed in, you can view receipts by clicking on the Your Orders link in the left-hand column of your account page.

Can I buy print books directly from you?

Yes you can! Print books are available by clicking the 'Buy' button on the product page.

Is a discount available for bulk purchases?

It certainly is! You’ll find details on our Bulk Sales page.

Downloads/Source Code

Where can I find a book’s source code?

If a book has downloads or source code to accompany it, you will find that content available on GitHub. Please see the Source Code page for a full explanation of the project.


I found an error or typo in a book, where do I report it?

If you would like to suggest ways to improve the code as presented in one of our books or if you find an error, then we encourage you to submit these as errata using the Errata Submission Form.

The book I’ve received is damaged. How do I get a replacement?

If your book was not ordered via Apress.com, please contact the seller for return instructions. If you purchased the book directly from us, please get in touch, and we’ll work to make amends.

Writing for Us

What if I want to write for Apress?

If you are interested in writing for Apress, please see our Publishing with Apress page to learn more about the process, download our Book Proposal Form, and see which acquisitions editor is responsible for the topic area for which you'd like to write. We look forward to hearing from you!

Academic Review Copies

I’m an instructor. Can you provide me with an evaluation copy of books I might wish to use for my teaching?

You can request evaluation copies by following the directions listed on our Academics page.