Applied Cryptography in .NET and Azure Key Vault

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January 30th, 2019​​​​​​​

As a software developer with a quarter century of experience and an instructor of highly-rated cryptography courses, Stephen Haunts is the perfect source to write a specialized practical cryptography book. In Applied Cryptography in .NET and Azure Key Vault, Haunts walks developers with experience in .NET and C# through the basics of cryptography. In a modern technological society where data breaches are more rampant than ever, this book is an excellent resource for realistic security solutions that a programmer can come away with and implement immediately.

After introducing the principles of encryption, Haunts walks you through Microsoft’s security suite so that you can best utilize it with your projects. Common cryptographic protocols that are now industry standard, like DES, SHAx hashing, HMACs, and many more are explained. You’ll come away with the practical knowledge needed to combine encryption techniques so that the integrity and safety of your data is nothing less than elite, and you’ll have the applied industry knowledge to implement your new skills in a variety of organizations.

Applied Cryptography in .NET and Azure Key Vault is a practical guide that serves an essential and timely function. The hybrid encryption scheme that you come away with after learning these techniques will be unique to you and your projects, and your robust security skillset will be essential as data breaches continue to grow more sophisticated and severe. 

Applied Cryptography in .NET and Azure Key Vault is available for pre-order now!
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