The Author's Code... with David Rendon

David Rendon is the author of Building Applications with Azure Resource Manager (ARM): Leverage IaC to Vastly Improve the Life Cycle of Your Applications Author's Code-Rendonand an eight-time awarded Microsoft MVP currently working as a Solutions Architect at Kemp Technologies. David talks about his career in the Microsoft ecosystem, his motivation for writing this book & how he chose this particular topic, along with the challenges and successes that he encountered during the writing process.

Q: What technical job do you have and why? 

Back in 2010, I heard about this new technology—"The Cloud"—and Microsoft had formally released Windows Azure. I decided to give it a try and started my journey in the cloud in the early days of Azure which has immensely paid off during my career. 

I truly enjoy spending time educating collaborators from companies all over the world on Azure cloud services and being responsible for delivering high-quality architectural solutions and business outcomes based on Microsoft Azure.

Therefore, I'm currently helping people develop in-demand skills required to advance their careers through Cloud and AI as Azure Architect and Technical Trainer.

Q: What made you decide to become a technical author?

When I started my journey in Azure, I used to (and continue to do) write articles while learning and sharing knowledge with the community through speaking engagements is something I'm very passionate about. 

A few years ago, I received an invite from Peter De Tender and Samuel Erskine to contribute as co-author in the book named Pro Azure Governance and Security Pro Azure Governance and Security: A Comprehensive Guide to Azure Policy, Blueprints, Security Center, and Sentinel. Due to Peter's and Sam's mentorship, support, and guidance, I decided to become a technical author.  

Q: How did you choose the topic for your book (just talking about your ARM book for now)? 

There are different ways you can learn about technology. Given my previous experience with Azure and the adoption of DevOps practices, I decided to share my experience with Infrastructure-as-Code to specify the infrastructure required to deploy real-world solutions in Azure using Azure Resource Manager and Bicep Language.

Q: How did you choose your topic?

While there were already some resources out there to learn about Azure Resource Manager, I wanted to take a different approach by providing the baseline, benefits, and real-world scenarios of Infrastructure-as-Code for Azure. That's why the book includes more practical examples and explains why and how to start from scratch with Azure Resource Manager and the new Bicep Language. 

Q: What were some of the challenges you faced when writing your book? Did you enjoy the process?

Authoring a book is always a new adventure, and like any other adventure, it is an exciting experience that is a bold and risky undertaking. From working on the early phases of the project, planning and exploring the topics that should be part of the book to writing code examples and then iterating through validations is always a great learning experience. Working with the Apress Team makes this adventure more joyful. Their expertise and advice are invaluable; it makes the writing process the best experience you can bear authoring a book. 

Q: What do you do when you are not teaching, writing, or working in the cloud?

I'd probably be traveling and spending time with my family, friend, and peers.

Q: You're an 8-time Microsoft MVP. Did that designation help you in the authoring process? 

I consider that being an MVP is a unique and extraordinary recognition. It is an honor to be part of a greater community that aims to have the best expertise in the field and actively promote collaboration, inclusion, and learning opportunities.

It comes down to your learning skills and habits. Authoring a book involves telling a story and sharing your knowledge but also implicates a massive effort behind the scenes working on your drafts and thinking about how to explain certain concepts and real-world solutions so that other people can apply the same knowledge at scale.

I've learned so much from working with the Apress Team in the authoring process, and I strongly recommend you work with them and allow yourself to gain new skills while authoring your book.

Q: Would you author again?

No doubt! There's a new project in the oven, and I will happily share more details in a future interview.

Q: What have you learned lately? OR what technologies are you most excited about these days?

Skilling has never been more important than it is right now; the technology landscape is changing every second of the day, and companies need skilled employees to enable them to innovate and succeed. Learning and specializing in a specific set of technologies is crucial, and I'm excited to see the evolution of Infrastructure-As-Code for Azure and Azure AI-based solutions.

Q: Where can people find you and see what you are up to?Primarily through LinkedIn (Dave Rendon), Twitter(@DaveRndn) and the blog(blog.azinsider.net). 

As an Azure expert and IT professional with more than 15 years of experience, most of David Rendon's professional experience has been with Microsoft technologies. He conducts private training classes globally (India, South America, USA) that help companies migrate critical applications to the cloud and train their staff to be certified cloud architects. He is passionate about travel, action-packed tech days with peers, and getting down in the trenches of technology road maps. He regularly presents at public IT events such as Microsoft Ignite, Global Azure, local user group events across the US, Europe, and Latin America.