Building Digital Experience Platforms

New Release

February 22nd, 2019​​​​​​​

When you interact with any mobile apps, search engines, content management systems, web portals, or online promotional campaigns, you are using a DXP, or digital experience platform. Having DXPs that are engaging is a cornerstone of a successful company in the modern economic ecosystem, and the new Apress release Building Digital Experience Platforms shares essential technical knowledge with you for every step of your digital idea’s transformation journey. As customers get more tech-savvy and as technology continues to progress, effective DXPs are the foundation for your organization’s success.

Award-winning digital tech practitioners with combined decades of experience, authors Shailesh Shivakumar and Sourabhh Sethii effectively employ case studies and best practices to instill you with valuable technical lessons to build your DXP. They cover the basics while also tying in newer trends like artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, and much more. Security is also given a special focus as Shivakumar and Sethii take you through the creation of a banking application as one of your hands-on DXP case studies.

Whether you are a project manager, web developer, or a digital enthusiast, Building Digital Experience Platforms leverages your existing knowledge and delivers important industry-insider lessons for transforming your next DXP project. User engagement will make or break your digital organization, and this book will be your guide to increasing customer satisfaction, site traffic, conversion rates, and much more. 

Building Digital Experience Platforms is available now from Apress!

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