Deploying AI in the Enterprise

New Release

January 28th, 2021

AI implementation will make all the difference in business operations over the next five years. There are several factors to consider when deploying AI in your organization, such as design, devops, governance, change management, blockchain, quantum computing, and more. Our new Apress release Deploying AI in the Enterprise has hit the market and is here to guide you. 

This book offers a holistic approach, making certain to inform the reader of AI's risks and challenges as well as benefits. Looking at AI from an IT and IT operations perspective is an important consideration for companies wanting to keep ahead of the curve, and authors Eberhard Hechler (Executive Architect at IBM Germany R&D Lab), Martin Oberhofer (IBM Distinguished Engineer & Executive Architect), and Thomas Schaeck (IBM Distinguished Engineer at IBM Data and AI) have plenty of industry expertise to ensure an invaluable series of lessons. In Deploying AI in the Enterprise, the key components of AI information architecture and its role in enabling successful, sustainable AI deployments are broken down in practical, applicable steps for a reader in IT, data science, architecture, and more who wants to tackle the AI deployment experience with ease.

Deploying AI in the Enterprise is available now from Apress!

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