"Developing 2D Games with Unity" Ranks #1 on Amazon


April 25th, 2019​​​​​​​

Apress is thrilled to announce that recent 2019 release Developing 2D Games with Unity by Jared Halpern has officially hit the #1 spot in Amazon’s Apple Programming book category. Halpern’s hard work and unique execution combined with the consumer markets’ clear interest made this exciting milestone inevitable. Do you love gaming, and have always wanted to try your hand at creating a game of your own? Developing 2D Games with Unity is the perfect place to start.

The independent gaming industry has entered a golden age. Creating, discovering, and selling games is more accessible than ever thanks to platforms like Steam, Google Play, the Nintendo eShop, and dozens more that open up the world of gaming to virtually anyone. 2D gaming is an ideal starting point for any aspiring independent gaming developer, and Developing 2D Games with Unity creates the opportunity to confidently build and sell a brand new game of your own.

Halpern’s expertise ensures that you take advantage of all that the Unity engine has to offer in its latest 2D workflow. Walkthroughs about topics like animations, architectural patterns, collision detection, and more are provided in a fun, digestible way. Whether you are a programming hobbyist or seasoned expert, you will come away with the step-by-step practical knowledge needed to have a complete 2D RPG-style game at the end of Developing 2D Games with Unity.

Developing 2D Games with Unity is available now from Apress! New Content Item