From Single to Scale

New Release

January 18th, 2019​​​​​​​

In his new Apress release From Single to Scale, entrepreneur Michael Killen walks you through the realistic steps of starting your own online business. Creating new apps, websites, and services is more affordable and accessible than ever, and Killen explores how these come together from the ground up. Simply starting is what can often hold many back, but he puts this inhibiting thought process at ease, as we see in one passage from Chapter 3: “How do you come up with a killer idea? It’s simpler than many people think. It isn’t waiting for inspiration or a lightning moment of clarity; rather, it’s about asking yourself, ‘What do I help people with now and how can I automate that?’”

One of many key concepts Killen introduces may seem deceptively simple at first, but is in fact the foundation of scaling, and thus is reiterated throughout the chapters: “If you can write up your processes, you can scale.” Boiled down to its basics, this means that once you make the tasks necessary to run your business digestible and repeatable, you can begin to outsource them as your numbers grow. This leaves more time for you to continue your big picture planning and outreach.

In From Single to Scale, Killen posits that individual microbusinesses are the most sustainable source of income for the future. As the gig economy expands and less traditional employment becomes the norm, the book arrives at an ideal societal moment.

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