How to Compete in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

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October 16th, 2018​​​​​​​

Artificial intelligence heightens the interests of many inside and outside of the tech world. We picture the sinister HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, or the apocalyptic sentient population in I, Robot, or a little helper named Siri in our pockets. What many companies don’t realize is that they can implement variations of AI technology into their current processes simply and effectively. A new Apress release by experts Soumendra Mohanty and Sachin Vyas, How to Compete in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, explores this realm of the technology’s practical possibilities.

Mohanty and Vyas help you determine how AI can best impact your organization and stay competitive with others in your sector. They expand on two strategies: horizontal and vertical. A horizontal strategy helps your company use AI to keep doing what you are currently doing, but at a faster and more efficient rate. This also means that other companies could easily implement these same improvement methods at the same rate as yours.

A vertical strategy involves building an entirely new AI process that assists your organization, meaning that you will eventually have created a proprietary product that is unique to your company. This requires a great deal more data, a long test period, and customer/user flexibility with changes. If you want to stand out and get ahead, Mohanty and Vyas help show you why a vertical strategy can be the most challenging yet rewarding avenue to choose.

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