How to Speak Tech

New Release

March 29th, 2019​​​​​​​

Building off of its initial 2014 release that brought glowing reviews from the likes of the Executive Director of Harvard University’s Technology and Entrepreneurship Center, Paul Bottino (“Finally a book non-techies can use to understand the web technologies that are changing our lives,”) and former GM/VP of GoDaddy, Rene Reinsberg (“A great book everyone can use to understand how tech startups work,”) a new second edition of Vinay Trivedi’s How to Speak Tech is officially coming soon from Apress. Tech changes fast, and Trivedi’s upgrade of a classic provides you with the digital fluency you need in today’s world. 2019 offers a vastly different tech landscape from 2014.

A business and technology expert with degrees from both Harvard and Stanford, Trivedi breaks down crucial concepts and technologies into palatable chapters. You’ll learn all about the life cycle of an app’s full creation and implementation, the basics of blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, and so much more. Any professional can, after utilizing the knowledge in How to Speak Tech, effectively communicate with all members of a team and make smarter decisions based on the current realities of tech.

Whether you are a student, an experienced venture capitalist, a team leader in your organization, or anybody else wanting to improve your tech literacy, How to Speak Tech equips you with everything you’ll need. You’ll be able to confidently discuss the most pressing issues in the business and tech zeitgeists and demystify topics that are (and will only grow to be even more) vital in our modern world.

How to Speak Tech is available now from Apress! ​​​​​​​New Content Item