Human Personalities As Code

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In his latest release, Evolving Digital Leadership, author James Brett examines a myriad of techniques that leaders in the tech world can use to improve and grow their management skills. Today, we’ll be exploring one in particular: breaking human personalities down into coding terminology. Brett explores these revelations in one particular section titled “Personality Types”.

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While scrolling through your social media feeds, you might come across the occasional BuzzFeed quiz prompting you find out which character from your favorite television show or film matches your MBTI – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – personality type. This personality test, like other pop psychology phenomena, has become relatively ubiquitous. It is not rare for singles to drop their MBTI into their dating app profile, for example. Humans enjoy categorizing ourselves (astrology serving as another example) in order to best predict each other’s behavior and anticipate needs.  As today’s business leaders yearn to become even savvier in understanding, supporting, and interacting with their employees and clients, Brett explores a fascinating option: enter the Enneagram.

Nine personality types are provided by the Enneagram, which was first developed in the 1970s by a developmental psychologist named Claudio Naranjo. In Evolving Digital Leadership, Brett makes these types – on which there exists thousands of pages of literature and resources – easily digestible and fun to learn about.

The nine types are: The Reformer, The Helper, The Achiever, The Individualist, The Investigator, The Loyalist, The Enthusiast, The Challenger, and The Peacemaker. Brett’s thorough book dives into each type in detail and how specifically they balance each other in a digital workplace setting. He then suggests that these nine personalities can be perceived as different backend codebases, revealing what he calls our “Human Full Stack,” which determines how each of our human interactions are “filtered, distorted, or deleted and then processed by our meta-programs in the API layer.”

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We’re really excited to publish a book that can assist tech’s top leaders effectively and that investigates such a fascinating topic. We hope you’ll join us in learning more about this innovative way to approach digital leadership. Evolving Digital Leadership by James Brett is available: