Machine Learning and AI for Healthcare

New Release

January 4th, 2019​​​​​​​

One of the most promising – and precarious – aspects of how artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the world is how it evolves medicine and healthcare. In Machine Learning and AI for Healthcare, Arjun Panesar writes theories, applications, and challenges for you to learn about health intelligence in a comprehensive way. Panesar is an award-winning researcher with a decade of experience harnessing machine learning to improve patient care worldwide.

Data analytics are one major facet of healthcare that AI and machine learning are consistently improving and optimizing to improve the larger picture of patient health. What humans can’t do on their own (or what would take years of time and resources,) AI can rapidly, and this could have massively positive implications on entire populations. The book examines this in a digestible and tech jargon-free way, while also being sure to address the ethical questions that go along with how healthcare data is used and the necessary issues that need to be discussed under different governments and regulatory bodies.

Machine Learning and AI for Healthcare arrives at an ideal precipice of science and technology’s potential. It illustrates different techniques on how you can directly apply machine learning within your health organization and stay ahead of the curve, teaches you key algorithms, and informs you of industry best practices as artificial intelligence becomes increasingly ubiquitous within medicine. 

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