Pro React 16

New Release

April 4th, 2019​​​​​​​

Best-selling author Adam Freeman has written upwards of 30 books with Apress over the years. His topics of expertise range from jQuery, to Angular, to ASP.NET, and now to React. In Pro React 16, Freeman’s latest release, he uses his signature popular teaching style to provide JavaScript developers with the skills they need to get the most out of the popular React framework for their applications.

Each chapter of Pro React 16 delivers a concise lesson from start to finish, walking you through common problems that arise in each scenario and tools to combat them. Freeman splits it into effective sections that progress in complexity and build seamlessly off one another. All of this is enhanced with loads of screenshots and examples so that you can follow along in real time while you build your very own successful and thriving web application in React.

React’s popularity is rapidly increasing in the world of developing rich client-side web applications. Freeman’s trusted track record of educating about JavaScript frameworks and his thorough testing methodologies combine to make Pro React 16 a buzzworthy book for any JavaScript developer looking to enhance their skill set.

Pro React 16 is available now from Apress! New Content Item