Surviving the Whiteboard Interview

New Release

August 19th, 2019

Interviewing is the bane of a potential employee’s existence in any industry, and the programming field is no different. The industry standard whiteboard interview—an on-the-spot coding test a company gives its developer candidates to determine their experience and expertise—is especially daunting, as it not only puts your skills to the test, but involves public speaking as well as basic personality questions that appear in any other type of job interview.

In Surviving the Whiteboard Interview, author William Gant offers you tools to enter these intimidating whiteboard interviews prepared and confident, at any organization of any size. From a sample coding challenge, to tips on making a good soft skills impression, to relaxation exercises to break down psychological public speaking roadblocks, Gant uses his years of industry experience to send you to your next whiteboard interview with the self-assurance of a programming veteran. These essential skills will come in handy in all other aspects of your professional career as well.

An unfortunate reality of the tech industry is that even the most brilliant developers can let their nerves get the best of them when it comes to the famously dreaded whiteboard interview. This book will help you beat those common fears and maximize your career potential for decades to come.

Surviving the Whiteboard Interview is available now from Apress!

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