The Future of the Workplace

New Release

October 11th, 2019

Company structures and team workflows are quickly changing in our digital age, and leaders need to be prepared to keep up. Remote work, rapid information delivery, and endless opportunities for innovation are just some of the ways the modern workplace is drastically shifting. To keep each of your teams thriving throughout this inevitable transformation, The Future of the Workplace will serve as your essential guide.

Compiled by thought leader and business author Bill Fox, this new Apress release contains in-depth interviews with 31 global business leaders about how they create workplaces that continue to adapt with the times. Fox discusses macro and micro topics with influential figures such as Howard Behar, former president of Starbucks; Steph Holloway, body language and communication expert; David Marquet, author of Turn the Ship Around; John Bell, former CEO of Jacobs Suchard; Perry Marshall, author of Evolution 2.0; and many more. Perspectives from a variety of team levels and organization sizes are offered to ensure a well-rounded view of how a company can best ready itself for the future.

The lessons in The Future of the Workplace go beyond the limitations of “best practices” and “working smarter”, and instead focus on insights and strategies to bridge the gap between the Industrial Age and the new “Forward-Thinking Age”. The world is shifting in personal, economic, and political ways, and this book inspires you with real-world knowledge to embrace these new challenges for the better.

The Future of the Workplace is available now from Apress!
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