Using and Administering Linux: Volumes 1-3

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January 8th, 2019

Using and Administering Linux, a new special Apress release parsed into three large volumes, offers the latest expert knowledge from previous Apress author David Both. With over four decades of IT experience, Both has created a training course for anybody who wants to learn Linux as an advanced user and system administrator at the command line, while using the GUI desktop to leverage productivity.

The first volume in this unique series covers the basics in an engaging introduction to Linux processes. You will create a virtual network, create and modify system configuration files, and explore all of the administrative tools available to you. The second volume builds upon the network and virtual machine you created in Volume 1, and guides you through advanced topics such as basic automation, exploiting everything in a file, Logical Volume Management, and much more. Volume 2 provides you with the skills and knowledge needed to officially consider yourself a Linux power user, which creates the perfect foundation off which to jump into the third and final volume.

Using and Administering Linux culminates in Volume 3, which equips you for a career as a SysAdmin. You will install, configure, and manage several Linux services while simultaneously learning how to keep it all secure. This one-of-a-kind series is an essential in-depth training course to become an authority on Linux, and it will benefit your personal and professional IT education for many years to come.

Using and Administering Linux: Volumes 1, 2, & 3 are available now from Apress!

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