Using Your Web Skills To Make Money

​​​​​​​New Release

September 24th, 2018

“I noticed that most people don’t suffer from a lack of knowledge. Instead, they have an abundance of information available to them,” author Azat Mardan reflects in his newest Apress release, Using Your Web Skills To Make Money. He does not sugarcoat the truth about our modern digital world: our cup runneth over with choice, and while there has never been a more exciting time to pursue a profitable interest online, there has also never been a more daunting one. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by choice, and that prevents many of us from grabbing the reins and starting something new.

Using Your Web Skills To Make Money logically and succinctly lays out multiple enjoyable, enriching ways that you can begin a new income-generating project right from your home computer. Mardan takes you on the path that he found for himself – ups and downs included – and expertly leads you through to the other side. In 7 diverse chapters, you will explore options like teaching online courses, giving webinars, and coordinating apprenticeships, just to name a handful. All are pursuits that can generate extra income for you while building your network and helping you share your valuable web skills with a larger community.

Perhaps the most important and impressive feature of Mardan’s suggestions is that they are realistic. You will not find this title to be a “get rich quick” guide that underestimates your intelligence, nor does it promise to magically give you an instant client base. It asks you to believe in your ideas, try something you did not previously consider possible, and most importantly: follow through. The possibilities are plenty, and Using Your Web Skills To Make Money channels them to you in a very digestible and enjoyable approach. 

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