Waging Cyber War

New Release

September 3rd, 2019

While the phrase “cyber war” may at first evoke imagery of a futuristic science fiction thriller, it is in fact a very real part of the 2019 working technology paradigm. Cyber war is something all modern organizations in the digital space need to be knowledgeable about, from relevant international policies to common misconceptions and everything in between.

Waging Cyber War is here to aid security practitioners, lawmakers, those involved in cyber operations, and anyone who owns a smart phone. Both technical and non-technical readers will gain an understanding of how the obstacles encountered in cyber war are not easily mitigated, and of the irreplaceable nature of digital resources. You will come away from this book knowing what it means to employ cyber exploitation, attack, and intelligence gathering tactics.

Cyber warfare has been covered unrealistically, technically misrepresented, and is misunderstood by many. Dr. Jacob G. Oakley, one of the founding members of the operational arm of Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command, has written one of the first books to describe hands-on technical challenges to those conducting cyber warfare.

Waging Cyber War is available now from Apress!
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