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Andrew Sanchez

Andrew Sanchez is a senior principal support engineer at CA, Inc. He started his technical support career in the early 1990s with different companies and, and during his 10+ years of experience he has worked issues, visited clients on escalations, trained and mentored colleagues in the United States and abroad, and seen products and support trends come and go. His invaluable experience is presented to you in a concise and easy-to-read format in Technical Support: 101 Pieces of Advice to Succeed in Technical Support. Novice as well as experienced technical support staff will find this book's information useful when dealing with colleagues, management, and clients.

Andrew Sanchez's Books

Technical Support Essentials

Technical Support Essentials

  • Publication Date: January 5, 2010
  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-2547-8
  • Price: $27.99

Technical Support Essentials delivers 101 short and concise pieces of advice with actual examples that readers can use immediately to improve their technical support career. Learn More …