John Resig

John Resig is a programmer and entrepreneur who's been developing web applications for over eight years. Having primarily focused on back-end development for most of that time using Perl and MySQL, John changed his focus toward implementing usable web front ends. He holds a degree in computer science from Rochester Institute of Technology in New York,�and has published several papers on data mining instant messaging networks. When he's not programming, he enjoys watching movies, writing in his blog, www.ejohn.org, and spending time with his girlfriend.

John Resig's Books

Pro JavaScript Techniques

Pro JavaScript Techniques

  • Publication Date: December 12, 2006
  • ISBN13: 978-1-59059-727-9

Pro JavaScript Techniques provides everything you need to know about modern JavaScript. This book focuses on fundamental, vital topics—what modern JavaScripting is (and isn't), the current state of browser support, and pitfalls to be wary of. It is organized into four distinct sections, each of which features several real-world examples. Learn More …