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Alan Bradburne

Alan Bradburne is the co-founder of IncrediblInc Ltd. (, a London-based Ruby on Rails development company specializing in developing community sites for both end-users and enterprise clients. Alan has over 10 years of experience in the web and mobile development industries, and has worked for Motorola, Nextel and Sun Microsystems. Prior to founding IncrediblInc, he created, the world's first dedicated mobile photo blogging community. He also developed the social networking site He lives in Berkshire, England with his wife.

Alan Bradburne's Books

Practical Rails Social Networking Sites

Practical Rails Social Networking Sites

  • Publication Date: June 26, 2007
  • ISBN13: 978-1-59059-841-2
  • Price: $31.99

Practical Rails Social Networking Sites shows you the complete development cycle of a social networking community web site. Learn More …