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Tim Bourquin

Tim Bourquin is the co-founder of both the Online Trading Expo (now Traders Expo) and the Forex Trading Expo. While a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department, Tim was trading the stock and currency markets by morning and arresting criminals by night. When he went looking for a convention for traders to learn more about how other traders were approaching the markets, he couldn't find one. So in 1999, along with a business partner, Tim started an annual convention and tradeshow for online traders and investors. Those events, which are held each year in New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, continue to be the premier conventions for active retail traders. After speaking with countless traders throughout the past 14 years, Tim realized that the best way to learn how to make money trading was to ask those who were already doing it every day. Tim set out to find the best in the business and ask them exactly how they made their money. Some people talked to him and others refused, but through persistence, he slowly was able to interview hundreds of traders about the strategies they employ, the software they use, and how they became confident in the markets. In 2006 Tim founded TraderInterviews.com, an online media site featuring those frank discussions.

Tim Bourquin's Books

Traders at Work

Traders at Work

  • Publication Date: January 22, 2013
  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-4443-1
  • Price: $17.99

In Traders at Work, Tim Bourquin, co-founder of Traders Expo and the Forex Trading Expo and founder of TraderInterviews.com, and freelance writer and editor Nick Mango sit down with the world’s most successful professional traders to uncover what it really takes to make a living in the markets. Learn More …