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New open access title from Apress and Intel provides a systematic methodology of parallel program optimization for Intel platforms. High performance computing (HPC)—also known as supercomputing—involves solving complex problems across a range of disciplines in business and science using sophisticated supercomputers. This fast-growing sector is in need of more resources for the application scientists who are not experts in code optimization but aim to maximize the performance of Read More
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New open access book from Apress and Intel is a comprehensive, up-to-date survey of the field of information security. As the public continues to deal with endless reports of security breaches around the globe, the IT community battles to stay ahead of the hackers. The field of information security is vast and rapidly changing to keep up with technological advancement. Engineers at every skill level are in need of a comprehensive and practical guide to keep abreast of this field Read More
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Leading publisher of technology and business titles to offer subscription model starting today. Today, Apress Media, the authoritative global publisher of IT and business content, launched Apress Access, a new unlimited subscription for their content. The service will have a yearly cost of $199 and will allow users unlimited usage of Apress titles across all categories. The Apress Access reader will be accessible by signing in to a subscriber’s Apress account utilizing a Read More
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New open access books from Apress and Intel lay out the tools needed to create rich applications for the growing number of Android devices with Intel processors. Since late 2011, Google and Intel have been working together to optimize future versions of the Android mobile operating system for Intel Atom processors. The number of Android devices running on Intel processors has gradually increased as a result and are being produced by such notable manufacturers as Samsung, Lenovo, and Read More
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A new ApressOpen book sheds light on the hardware-embedded security mechanisms behind most Intel devices. The age of constant cybersecurity breaches and online fraud has caused hardware and software providers to increasingly focus on ways to build security into the foundations of their products. The superior robustness of hardware-embedded solutions is leading more companies to adopt these technologies rather than protections rooted in software. Intel Corporation’s achievements in Read More
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Apress and the Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG) collaborate to pair top Oracle experts with top Oracle content. IOUG Press is the product of a joint effort by the Independent Oracle User Group (the IOUG) and Apress to deliver the highest quality content possible on Oracle technologies. With the IOUG being the world’s leading independent organization for users of Oracle products, and with Apress being a leading independent technical publisher, together, these two forces provide Read More
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New open access book provides a comprehensive survey of the design and mathematics at play in the emerging field of computer vision. One of the most exciting frontiers being explored in the digital age, computer vision is rapidly changing the way society produces and consumes visual media. Current literature on the subject covers the range of “how-to” source code, tutorial discussions, performance analysis and other instructional material. The new book “Computer Vision Metrics: Read More
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Creative options for adapting and enhancing IBM zPDT environments that are more multiuser-enabled and multiuser-friendly, more stable, and more reusable than those envisaged or taught by IBM are explored and detailed in this new title. CA Technologies announces the availability of “Running Mainframe z on Distributed Platforms: How to Create Robust Cost-Efficient Multiplatform z Environments” the latest book published by CA Press. Co-authors Kenneth Barrett and Stephen Norris wrote Read More
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