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New & Forthcoming Titles | Gels Horizons: From Science to Smart Materials

Gels Horizons: From Science to Smart Materials

Gels Horizons: From Science to Smart Materials

Series Ed.: Kumar Thakur, Vijay

ISSN: 2367-0061

This series aims at providing a comprehensive collection of works on the recent advances and developments in the domain of Gels, particularly as applied to the various research fields of sciences and engineering disciplines. It covers a broad range of topics related to Gels ranging from Polymer Gels, Protein Gels, Self-Healing Gels, Colloidal Gels, Composites/ Nanocomposites Gels, Organogels, Aerogels, Metallogels & Hydrogels to Micro/Nano gels. The series provides timely and detailed information on advanced synthesis methods, characterization and their application in a broad range of interrelated fields such as chemistry, physics, polymer science & engineering, biomedical & biochemical engineering, chemical engineering, molecular biology, mechanical engineering and materials science & engineering.

This Series accepts both edited and authored works, including textbooks, monographs, reference works, and professional books. The books in this series will provide a deep insight into the state-of- art of Gels and serve researchers and professionals, practitioners, and students alike.

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